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a kid

February 24, 2011

Fans scrambled for their knifes and wrists last week as Radiohead released their eight album out of the blue. There were no leaked songs and there was no hype beforehand. There was no promotion. There was no fanfare. There was however, as is the way with Radiohead, a great deal of smugness and pretension. Oooh look at us, we can release an album and you can decide how much you pay for it. Nothing. Thanks Very Much.

How could this cloaked release happen? Surely in this age, it is impossible to keep an album under raps right up until release day. In the hiphop world, before the artist even comes out of the studio, the song is already online. Thomas probably does not have a laptop to plunder though. Even if he did, he would make friends with the trojan horse before it had the chance to creep in and have a sniff around. He is just classic new age like that.

Enough ceremony, lets talk about the album. Lets not. Read the review here. Lets all die x

Radiohead – The King Of Limbs currently out now on XL Recordings

Radiohead – Codex

Radiohead – Little By Little

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