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night air

January 7, 2011

Following on from my James Blake post, I have subsequently discovered that the genre  I was talking about is called post-dubstep. I learned this from @sophwilkinson who knows her stuff. Literally. She is a much better blogger than me and has more music knowledge. She probably fucks more girls too.

I heard this Burial-esque track on Get Me’s Wifey mix. The track is an atmospheric blinder. Think night bus/ with a bit of snare drum and Eric Prydz deep synth. Apparently this Jamie Woon fella is going to be big in 2011.  His music certainly sounds good from what i have heard although he looks a bit funny. Tall, squinty eyes and black hair. Munter.

The second track was also on the mix which you should definetly check out here. Very enjoyable if you like your nu-2step. It is that champagne poppin’/high street boppin’ garage sound of the late 90s.

Mr Fox is killing it at the moment. No wonder I always have to  queue in KFC on Bethnal Green road. Curse.

Jamie Woon myspace page

Fantastic Mr. Fox myspace page

Evelyn EP currently out now on Black Acre

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Ramadanman refix)

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Over

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  1. bigjoemuzz permalink
    January 18, 2011 3:24 pm

    Wifey Mixtap #4 is sick yo’

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