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look i found her

December 22, 2010

This year has seen the rise of the recession sounds of ‘so derobe‘ Joy Orbison, ‘heartbreaker‘ Deadboy & ‘glut‘ Ramadanman; the dark & dreary 2 step beats full of despondency & empathy, first championed by Burial in 2006.  The sound represents the life of a yute in London, the ever longer daily grind and the ever shorter sweet moments which make it worth while. James Blake & Darkstar are the very products of this somber existence. Yeah.

When everyone started posting Limit To Your Love omg love love onto their facebook profile, I deliberately stayed away from James Blake. That is the nature of music bloggers. As soon as anything becomes big they will say err yeah i was listening to that in 1978 durr. Thre truth is i had never heard of James Blake and so dismissed him.  Please accept my apologies. I will try to be less of a music snob/pretentious c in 2011. The same was the case with Darkstar. Despite reading rave reviews about their debut album, I just didnt get round to listening to it despite really enjoying last year’s Aidy’s Girl A Computer single. More Fool me.  The album is XX ace, glitch-garage at its best and not a “dubstep” album as reported or at least not that lawnmower nonsense that i understand the genre to be.  North is more Four Tet than dirty bass, more Mount Kimbie than Skream, essentially more very good than shit. Highly reccomended.

James Blake myspace page

Hyperdub myspace page

James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)

Darkstar – Deadness



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