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nobody but you

November 30, 2010

Last week I headed East for some meetings with record company execs and fellow blogger HK_Alice. It was a cathartic experience alright. Over some sake and dim sum we discussed our market share in Asia and how we could prize away users from & Everybody knows that the future is bright the future is yellow so expect a mandarin version of the site in the next few months depending on how good my nigga Kai’s translation skills are.

So the one big tune that stood out on the trip was by the Korean supergroup, the Wonder Girls who are mad popular with the oriental kids.  A product of the notorious JYP talent agency, the group is made up of 5 korean dolls who prance about and sing catchy Britney-esque pop songs that Mulan would be proud of.  Think hit me baby one more time performed by 5 Ziyi Zhangs. The girls are called SunYe, YeEun, SoHee, YuBin & HyeLim.  I dread to think what their parents were on when they went to the registry office.

ps hold tight Kurosh & Eck who probably account for 5million views each of the fantastic video below

Wonder Girls myspace page

Wonder Girls – Nobody

Wonder Girls – Tell Me


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