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fancy footwork

November 9, 2010

O.Children. Nobody has had a bigger range as this guy since Roy Oberson and he most definetly didn’t go that deep. Anyone who hates hipsters, especially this guy should probably look away now. They should also watch their weasel-y little mouths because Tobias here is at least 6 foot 7 and was previously in a band names ‘Bono Must Die’. Think late 80’s disco rock laced with the undertones of Hades. Their self-titled album came out last July. Download it here and check out their myspace page here.

My French buddy, Jean-Christophe got me into La Ruda Salska just before they arrived to play in here in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. It is pretty rare that we get anyone else other than Avril Lavigne playing here, let alone a classic French ska band. It was on this night that i realised how many French people live in HK.

I went to Beijing last week and heard Chromeo playing in a tiny back street bar where nobody spoke Engrish. They also did really great roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. None of that Aunt Bessie shit either. Later that night, I went to see Boys Noize at a dim sum rave and had my suspicions regarding my change in music taste confirmed. It was pretty juvenile and lacked real substance. A bit like Oli’s mums attempts at making eton mess.

That said, most of the other (chinese) people seemed to be having fun so what do i know, Oli is the music journalist, NOT ME.


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