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a new dawn

November 1, 2010

So i am back from my hiatus. Apologies to all the loyal readers out there (3 subscribers) for such a long absence. Why was i gone so long? I had to runaway and hide from the copyright police. Plus i was negotiating with the immigration feds to allow Diego back into the country which unlike his little man was a lengthy process.

Since i been gone, the hits have been going up and up. Not really sure why. Last week alone BTB got 302 views which is more than i used to get when i was writing this thing. Bizarre.

Anyway, I’m gonna implement a few changes. Back in the early blogspot days, i used to give y’all three songs a day. I am gonna cut that back to making maybe 3 posts a week. Between illegal raves and red carpet appearances, I don’t have time to update every day let alone answer all your emails & requests (3 so far).  However i will be adding albums as much as possible and download links where i can. You know the score, if i scratch your back then maybe you can scratch mine. The funny thing about my back is…

So my first post on this new domain name is about Zola Jesus. She is one of the main protagonists spear heading the goth revolution, putting out dark and sulky ballads with melodic undertones. I saw her support Fever Ray a couple of months ago and she was fantastic, pacing around the stage like a dark wizard on speed – surely the perfect heroine for the upcoming Hobbit movie. Madonna circa Frozen eat your heart out.

Zola aka Nika recently released a four track EP entitled, “Valusia” which continues in the same moody vain as the Stridulum EP. Check out the song, Poor Animal. It is a Thriller, sure to dispel the post Halloween blues. In fact for new artists, i think that these small EP releases are a really good way to keep fans interested especially in this new digital age of now now now. I’m guessing this is why Kanye’s Good Friday campaign has been so successful and why detox Dre’s credibility has been sliding for years. Who wants to hear a new witch house song in a years time. Not me.

Zola Jesus myspace page

Valusia EP currently out on Sacred Bones

Zola Jesus – Poor Animal

Zola Jesus – Run Me Out

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