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Our man in Brazil: Part 4

September 20, 2010

Bom dia.
Today‘s blog celebrates 3 of the best things about Brazil; The bars, the beaches and the women. Three things that will draw you in with their intoxicating charm, and perhaps make you decide to leave your life in England and settle down in Cidade Maravilhosa. Or they may leave you hungover, sunburnt and in need of a trip to the clinic. I digress..

Skank (pronounced “skunky“) are a popular ska band that are huge here in Brazil. “To tell you the truth” I could’ve made this whole blog about them as they sing about many of the greatest aspects of this fine country, including football, in their anthem Uma Partida de Futebol (think of this as Brazil’s answer to 3 Lions), and girls, in perhaps their most famous song Garota Nacional. Saideira, the track I have chosen in homage to the Brazilian bar, barzinho (small bar) and boteco (tiny bar), is the word you say when you want one more drink. However, when the beer monsters socialise with say “saideira”, it rarely means “last one”.

Life is a beach in Brazil, and no one illustrates this better than Armandinho, a reggae singer from Rio Grande do Sul who’s probably caught more waves than Oli has beforetheblogs groupies (Armandinho can‘t surf). I told my nigga Kai I was going surfing and he asked what browser I’d be using, he needs to get out of the internet café more often (don’t we all). If you like this song, check out Pescador, which, being about a fisherman, reminds me of my wigga Chay (top 5 fisherman dead or alive).

Ahh mulheres! Some people will say they are emigrating to Brazil for the glorious weather, some the laid back pace of life, some will point to the rapidly growing economy. These reasons all hold some weight, but they’re all secondary to the real reason you extend your stay as a gringo in paradise – the beautiful Brazilian women. There were a number of tracks I had lined up for this, Garota da Ipanema is probably the most famous song on the subject, but in the end I went with my boy Jorge Ben Jor. Enjoy x

Next month I’ll be blogging post SWU festival, Fuck Yeah!

Até lá minha gente, abraços

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