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every breath you take

September 16, 2010

Yesterday i got shutdown by the Feds because of some illegal copyright claim from the DMCA. So i called my lawyers in Shanghai and called my nigga Kai in New York and between them and moving a couple of servers overseas, we made the boys in blue go crawling home. The album  in question was Gold Panda – Lucky Shiners. Get it here.  Aha they ain’t shut shit down. We still here y’all.

Anyway enough of the bravado. From now on i wont be putting up any album download links. They are pretty easy to find anyway. Just type the artist and album name into google accompanyed with “mediafire” or “megaupload” or “zip” or “rar” and something should come up. Alternatively don’t be cheap and go cop a copy from iTunes. Smell me.

Track one is the new Kanye West with Pusha T from The Clipse. Big tune debuted on the VMA’s on Sunday night. Check out the performance here. I’m gonna show you how you all look beautiful stars tonight.

Track two is an old Kid Cudi song which i heard again yesterday. Him and douche bag Kanye got that mellow rap on lock.

Track three is by the Police. Every blog you shut down, i’ll be watching you.

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  1. November 3, 2010 5:39 pm

    my favorite song of Kid Cudi is “day and night” i just love that song –

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