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September 13, 2010

I listened to the last ever Mary Anne Hobbs show on Radio1 on the weekend. It was great and i kinda wish i had listened to it her more. Too late now. I remember seeing her at Sonar a couple of years ago and she was awesome. I divulge. The show contains a mix from Burial and Kode9. Nuff tweets about it. Check it out here. I wanted every song. No doubt the Zomby one was my favourite though.

I listened to the Robbo Ranx dancehall show today. Check it here. Lots of new records on there as well as some big tunes from the last couple of weeks – My Heart & Nuh Fraid A Dem by the Gully God are still on constant pull up. This track is from the Street Groove riddim. Go hard or go back to your yard. Ch-chingggg.

The last one is one of Pink’s first songs from her debut album, Can’t Take Me Home which is heavily influenced by TLC IMO. I was watching the top5 Pink songs as voted by viewers of VH1 and saw this r’n’b classic nestled in between number 3 and 5. You say you wanna blog, then blog.

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