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mad world

September 2, 2010

Still blogging after all these years. Yesterday me and my nigga Kai were having a discussion about who would be in our top five dead or alive. He was saying that Biggie wouldn’t be in his. Coming from a dude who lives in NY. WTF. To be fair we had had a few beers so maybe the Asahi had gone to his head. One rapper who we did not disagree on was my man Tupac Shakur. A coward dies a thousand deaths, a blogger dies but once. Put your lighters up.

Currently it is all about goth-pop/witch-house/ghost-drone. Everybody know this. If you want to hear more then listen to some of the bands listed below. And no i haven’t listed some obscure html code and yes i have stolen all the material from here. Drowned in sound. Water stupid name.

/// /\/\/\ \\\
†‡† (cross, double cross, cross)
Gr†ll Gr†ll (crosses)
Mater Suspiria Vision
Modern Witch

The last track is the lead single from the new Arcade Fire album. Check out this very cool interactive video here which apparently demonstrates the interactive power of google chrome. Nyyyyesss x 23.

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