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Our man in Brazil: Part 3

August 16, 2010

“Don’t worry if I write blogs, I write checks”

That was Oli’s response when I suggested my previous two guest blogs had stolen his e-thunder. He has a point, I don’t receive any royalties for this, but I’m not in this game for the money.

My first track is by Seu Jorge, a samba musician and ex lead singer of Farofa Carioca, one of the best bands I’ve seen live in Rio. His album, América Brasil, is well worth downloading, and a pretty accessible intro into modern samba for the untrained gringo ear. Also, Jorge looks like an older version of United’s new signing Bébé – £7.4m for a homeless Portuguese teenager, well done SAF.

In a recent blog Oli implied that I look like a baggy Guetta. How dare he. The truth is that after 10 months in the Brazilian sun I look a lot more the artist responsible for my second track. Time for a history lesson. Erasmo Carlos formed one third of the ‘Jovem Guarda’, along with Roberto Carlos (the singer not the footballer) and Wanderlea. Jovem Guarda started as a tv show in ‘65, but the term soon expanded to describe the entire movement that these singers began; music aimed for the youth of Brazil, inspired by the American and British rock and roll of the late ‘50s and ‘60s. Pode vir quente que eu estou fervendo… you can see that I’m boiling hot. Me too.

On Friday night I went to Bootie Rio at Fosfobox in Copacabana. The biggest new night in Rio, if your names not on the list you’re not coming in, even my nigga Kai was turned away, luckily I know the right people. The night is all about mash-ups, with most of the DJs mixing Yank/Euro music with Brazilian stuff, go here for one of the sets (tracks 4,7 & 8 are highlights). The Beatles mixed with favela funk, maravilhoso.

fica com Deus, abraços

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