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all i want

August 13, 2010

I went to YoYo last night to see RD aka Ruff Diamondz. I think their name is ironic. They are buff. And they were good as well especially their more ballady stuff. They remind me of these gals apart from for the grime rather than garage generation. It’s a UK thing. That’s why American artists wanna crack it. Thanks to B.Money for hooking up the bottles and girls.

Speaking of U.S artists, Slim Thugga mother fucker is one of their realest artists out. He walks through the mall without any bodyguards. Even i don’t do that in Westfield. That is madness. Beforetheblogs, i do this for the block, i do this for the hood, i do this for the streets cos the streets keep me good. Yeah. Produced by Detox Dre, i saw this on a couple of days ago. Now that i am shouting out websites left right and centre, you should also check out thesixtyone. Nice new music site with big pictures.

The last one is from a New York band called Les Savy Fav. Don’t know much about them apart from their lead singer stole Diego’s gf from him.

BTB. If you don’t know, get to know. Lata.

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