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August 9, 2010

Damn Megan Fox is too buff. Check her out in the new Eminem & Rihanna video here. The song is ace. Biggest song of the year no doubt. Looking forward to Em coming to UK soon – word on the grapevine is that he might be doing a joint show with Jay-Z. Cooooool. Give me one more platinum plaque and fuck blogging you can have it back.

My man Diego posted this video on his facebook page the other day. The first song is big as are the jumps. Krazy. I am still thinking of Megan Fox. Focus.

I like the last one although Diddy kinda kills it with the autotune and stupid voice.  This version is better than the B.IG version aswell. Port Of Miami yeah yeah.

Dirty Money are Diddy’s new group. The beat  is hard – it samples an old Jay-Z song from back in 93. My nigga Kai will fill you in with the details if you need more info. Email him at ahahaha lolzzzz

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