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it was only just a dream

August 7, 2010

Ok people. So Nelly is back. In a big way. He has finally dragged himself from the gym and has put out this inception-esque single from his forthcoming album, Nelly 5.0. If you wanna go and take a ride with me. E IIIIIIIIIII. This guy has it all. If you ever loved beforetheblogs put your hands up.

The next song i heard in Whisky Mist last week. My man @shiftry5 hooked us up with the entry and free bottles. Unfortunately the DJ didn’t play this track which we requested but she did play this David Guetta banger. It is mad famous already if the number of youtube hits are anything to go by. Speaking of hits, have you ever seen a video with more than this. WTF. I want your ugly i want your disease and i want you to watch my youtube video. PS for all of you who were wondering what Diego looks like, he looks alot like David Guetta in the video apart from a bit more awkward and slightly less stylish.

Finally i heard this in a shop today when i was with my dad. Classic Stevie Nicol. You’ll never wok alone x 

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