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since i left you

August 4, 2010

Take it slow take it easy on me. I heard this in my local watering hole last night. My moon my blog. What is Feist doing now. Being alternative and canadian somewhere. I don’t like bands like that and i certainly wouldnt order their t-shirt (fyi i do and i have). I also heard the #1 tune of the daily selection there. It made me think of Julianne Moore dancing in A Single Man. Check out the clip here. Classic. We will always have Paris etc. Did i try and do the dance too? A little. Did people look at me funny? A lot.

The next guys sound a bit like The Drums. Make it better. I will try. Catchy summer song. Put it on when the sun shines again in 2011. Global Warming. Good one Mr Gore. Neon Gold (The Knocks record label) describe the song as sounding like The Avalanches vs Delorean. I agree.  If you like it listen to their first single here. Blackout. But it isn’t friday night yet.

#3 was sent to me by my friend Miley. There is always that one person that will always have your heart. It’s A Party in the USA. Fuck Yeaaaaah.

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