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acid life

July 28, 2010

I’m not a gangster, i’m a gangstarr. DJ Premier is back with a killer beat. Absolute Banger. He is invincible. Pity some fat bloke is rapping over it but that’s hip hop these days. Overrun with porksters and ex-correctional officers. 305 stand up. Please don’t.

The next one is from Sting’s daughter. I heard her at Secret Jardin Party. At one point she shouted, “I’m up here. You are down there. Make some noise”. An astute observation. To be honest i thought that she would be pony but i actually liked some of her stuff. Big things to come. Maybe. Not.

The last one is the first one from this Crystal Fighter’s mix which is called Live At The Feast Of Aurora. Trendy. Surkin smashing it up as usual. CF were brilliant at SGP. In the summer. In the summer. I love London Beforetheblogs.

Also the new Ricky Rozay album is out now. I copped 3 copies. One for the house, one for the ride and one for my girl’s house. Check him talking about Big Meech here. BMF for LIFE.

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