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my block (remix)

July 9, 2010

Now shits constantly hot, on my blog, it never fails to be gunshots. I live that blog life from am to pmParty and bullshit.  Reading blogs is a daily routine.

On my way to work today there was a Porsche Carrera waiting at the traffic lights blasting out the first track. Haven’t heard it for time. The video is hot and reminds me of Nick Cage & Eleanor from Gone In Sixty Seconds when the helicopters are chasing them to the port of miami Rick Ross style. Jeezy doing his thing as always. Uhhhh.

When i got into work i did some research on my nigga Kai’s girl, Christina Milian – once when we were real young i introudced him to Romeo (Dunn) outside Mayfair and Kai asked him for Christina’s digits. Romeo politely declined. Kai then sang Romeoooo, he’s the kind of guy people wanna get deep with. Rofl. I digress. It seems Miss Milian used to go out with Dre from Cool & Dre who produced this track as well as this absolute banger. C-c-c-check out my melody. Now she goes out and recently had a kid with Terius Nash aka The Dream who used to be married to Nivea. Check out the happy couple here. Don’t Mess With My Man. She did. Unlucky Nivea. As 50 says, from the beggining to the end, losers lose winners win.

Onto the next one. Everyone likes getting mashed up. This is a lush mash up of my man Drake and some dude called John Mellencamp. If you like it then check out these other mash ups. Lets get fucked. Lets not.

Eminem vs Bagraiders – Shooting Superstars

B.O.B vs Iyaz vs Kid Cudi – Airplane Replays

B.I.G vs Katy Perry – Back To Cali Gurls

I heard the last one on Giles Peterson. I talked about Aloe Blacc before. His famous song is ‘dollar‘. Essentially he is a soulful big issue seller. Who speaks spanish. Ciao

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