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xtatic truth

June 29, 2010

Everytime i watch the Glastonbury highlights i think to myself, i must go next year. Then next year comes around and i don’t go. I imagine this is the same as when Justin Slumdog watches porn. Any takers? Didn’t think so.

First track is a distorted banger from Salem. Don’t know who they are or how they made this song. I do know however that they have made an EPIC track. This is Classical/Glitch/Dub/Lawnmower at it’s very best. Check out their album when it comes out in September. I will try and remind y’all.

Today i woke up and was looking forward to putting some shorts on. Then i looked out the window. Oh dear. What is wrong with this place. I love London weather. Not. This Crystal Fighters song reflected my mood this morning. If you like it then check out their best song IMO, Xtatic Truth which was released by Kitsune last year.

As with yesterday, i have found another XX Glastobury video for you to watch. Hips don’t lie. Check it here. And win tickets to see the XX here @ the Itunes Festival.

Finally, a disco song by La Zebra. French house vibe. The name reminded me of this song by Beach House. If you haven’t heard the Beach House album then where you been. It is hot like Brazil/Paraguay.

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