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human nature

June 28, 2010

England always disappoint. Beforetheblogs never does. That is why Joe Lole listens to songs that i have recommended on his Dr. Dre headphones after the game. Please can i be in the team Don Cabbage man. No.

The XX never disappoint either. Check out their Glastonbury performance of You Got The Love with special guest here.

Friday – Wanted to go to this hotel bar with my NY buddy but didn’t get let in. It looks real nice. Proper glamorous. They probably didn’t let us in because we had chile/turkey flags painted on our faces. Instead went to some graduation party. Best song of the night was this classic from Jimmy Cliff from the movie with the same title.

Saturday – went to the Stevie Wonder Bra concert in Hyde Park. It was great despite the fact he didn’t play my favourite song of his, ‘Hello’. Oh well. He did do a cover of this Jichael Mackson song however and whipped out/was handed his harmonica to give it his own signature twist. RIP MJ. If you haven’t seen the film then you shame on you. His estate need the money.

Sunday – sat in the garden and listened to the last track which is by the Blonde Redheads who have been around for time according to upstairs Brian.

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