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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotify Mind…

June 27, 2010

As You ‘Elbo’ your way to the front, sharking out groovey tunes, hyping up machine-addicted sounds, My eyetunes appears oh so clever clogged up with hundreds of versions of hundreds of songs. I consistently find myself lost somewhere between ‘Search’ and ‘Download linked file’ – both of which ultimately have no relation to each other anymore… I am quite the creature of remixes. I go through dense phases of only listening to regurgitated music. And thus, like Glee, (..its on my mind having spent the evening with Matthew Morrison a.k.a Mr. Shuester, at Bon Jovi..don’t ask…) you find that anyone can turn a million songs into a million wrongs (but kind of rights) into millionth songs.

But, as my new, self-inflicted title ‘Mi Remix’ …oli?!! (lol) i will give you a one to give your banged up knees a reason to dance this weekend (and by this i am referring to MY knees, and how they are bloody and hurt, due to massively stacking it running for the train yesterday. yes i am a child)

So, it’s the kind of track that goes quite well with pacing it to get out of the tube. Or, if your like me, bopping around victoria station with a massive red cable sweet dangling from your mouth, ..all eyes on the child ..How dare you possibly be happy. On your own. For no reason. Other than this is a siick tune!! “i keep tellin ya blud…rusko….here we go…”

We should talk a little about Rusko. In fact, I am unsure why iv’e blabbed on about remixes, and why I have chosen a remix of a Rusko song, when it was prefectly perfect before sub focus got his grimey little fingers on it. (Andy C must be so proud. Well.. he has to find some way to make up for being ginger).

With a new album called O.M.G., not to be confused with “Rusko vs Rusko” by Usher, and a new video for ‘Hold On’, which somehow ALL my mates seem to appear in, dancing and chewing the fat off each others cheeks at the Mad Decent rave in London Bridge’s renowned Union Car Park. My tongue is IN my cheek as, the attention seeker that i am, I didnt make the fucking cut! Gutted! Even though I was stood in the middle of the stage, on my own, ‘hearting’ (with my hands) at rusko himself (unaware this video was being made i might add..but still…) Quickly joined by the rest of the crowd, clambering up onto the stage (not unlike our good friend Alice when trying to show Miss Dynamite she was “cleverer” than her) by which time I had been shoved to the back, sort of fell off, only to catch eyes with the man of the moment, gave him a thumbs up (geek) and I was never to be seen again. Definately not in that DAMN VIDEO!!

Speaking of videos…this is a video of Rusko dj-ing in America (where no-one can dance to dubstep…)
Some buff choices of chooon…his face at 3.35. Briliant.

Songs to check out from the album also include.. Woo Boost.. Rubadub Shakedown with Rod Azlan, and Scarewave with Redlight.

Basics. I ♥ Rusko. Always have. Always will. He is my beaut.

Bye x

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