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blue moon

June 25, 2010

I can’t post everyday but i can try. Hold On. I do post everyday. Apart from when i am on holiday. Which is fair enough really. Every blogger needs a break once in a blue moon. Speaking of blue moons, the new twilight film Eclipse is nearly upon us (as if you didn’t know).  Check out the trailer here. How excited am i? Very. My nigga Kai is good friends with R-Patz and he said that the new film is OMG X 10. Literally can’t wait.

Song #1 comes courtesy of Di Genius who produced this track for dancehall sensation and mainstay on beforetheblogs, Mavado. The gully god has been gone for a while, presumably busy making music videos for Drizzy and fighting in Tivoli Gardens against the authorities on behalf of the recently captured cross dresser/biggest gangster since Esco, Christopher Dudus. How funny is that photo. mi always knew he wa chi chi boi.

Song #2 I found on this blog. It is a balearic disco number which could easily be played by the Aeroplane lads. Aeroplane incidentally have a great track just out called, “We Can’t Fly” which is currently doing well on Radio 1. Check out the preview here. Sound like a slower version of this Dj Mehdi rocket.

Song #3 is the new one from Kid Cudi. I didn’t hear his debut album for ages despite my cousin Geoff going on about it 24/7. Anyway i listened to it and it is bon. His new album, ‘The Legend of Mr. Rager’ (lol) is out later in the year.

Finally, check out this cover by my girl Lissie. I hope you like it. I am off to do a shot of tequilla. Ciao.

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