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super high

June 24, 2010

Now that it is summer and girls are walking around with nothing but a t-shirt on Shontelle style, it is time to wack on the chill wave & short shorts. As we all know, Washed Out is the king of chill wave and this is the song that i fell asleep to in the park after our office summer party. Everyone becomes a tramp when it is hot. Even music journalists.

The reason i fell asleep is because i had been boozing all day in the run up to the 3 squirrels match against Slovakia. Whereas in England we have Baddiel & Skinner singing our sports songs, in the U.S they get more established stars to rouse the nation, most notably The Game aka Hurricane Game who released this track on the eve of the NBA finals which ended last week. This song is some straight up chicken skin shit.

If you didnt know, the Lakers won 4-3 in game 7 in one of the most watched games in NBA history and became NBA champions for the 5th time in 11 seasons . Ballin’.

The last track i heard on kiss 100 last night when i was looking out my window watching a blow transaction go down. Rick Ross is half man half drugs and this track is from his newest album, Teflon Don which is due out sometime in July. Check out the video which features Stacey Dash who as you remember was also on this.

Before the Blogs. Forever and ever amen. Remix.

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