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once upon a time in the west

June 11, 2010

Even though Jay-Z is the current king of the hip hop world, if Nas promoted himself better he would surely have this title. He is (C-) Sick. Whereas Gay-Z‘s voice has gotten annoying, i still look forward to anything that Nas puts out. His verses on the Distant Relatives album sound as fresh as ever. I can’t wait for the tour to hit the Hammersmith Apollo in July. Tickets still available here.

I was looking at the set list from some of the U.S shows and it looks like Nas will be performing some of his solo stuff aswell. I rememeber back in the day going to the Astoria with my nigga Kai to see Nas and dreaming of ruling the blog world. Well here we are 10 years on. Time flys when you are always online.

This particular mashup is ‘One Mic’ with Ennio Morricone’s Ecstasy of Gold. Check out the Nike advert with the same song here (thats some goose bump shit right there) and the new adidas world cup advert here which features a different (but no less dramatic) Morricone classic.  Bufana Bufana.

Track two is by Monarchy who are currently #1 on the hype machine most searched at the moment. I remember when upstairs Brian showed me their myspace and they had 400 hits. Now they have 420.

I dont have time to write anything about the last track but i can tell you that for some bizarre reason it is not on Big Boi’s new album due to legal issues. Fucking lawyers. Have a nice weekend.

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