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space bound

June 10, 2010

Since watching Slumdog Millionaire I have started listening to more Indian music. The thing about this genre is that it is dominated by white boys in check shirts who have hot girlfriends but look like they could be gay. Speaking of gay, I asked my mum what she thought of these shorts I wanna buy. She said, “Are you gay”. Great.

I listened to the Tame Impala album twice. They sound a bit like Kasabian vs MGMT. One of their songs is #1 on a new website called We Are Hunted which my friend Dems aka Dan Moss told me about and which tracks new and emerging songs.

Speaking of Dems and new music, check out his new tune (the title sounds like a level from Halo3) here.

chillwave dot com

I listened to The Drums album once. They have been garnering lots of acclaim over the past year and the video to this song is excellent IMO.

Like a lot of these bands though I reckon they will start off heading space bound (Free Weezy) and then all of a sudden end up like a South Korean rocket. But what do i know, it’s not like i write a music blog or anything.

I have never listened to the Delphic album.

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