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love the way you lie

June 8, 2010

The Eminem album leaked last night. I dont really like Em anymore, he has kind of relapsed, but when he does a track with my girl Ri Ri/Hayley from Paramore then i love him. Apart from the new hair, she is looking too good at the moment. As my nigga Kai pointed out last night, she truly is the hottest chick in the game at the moment. Get at me girl.  I’m Ready.

Get the Recovery album here. It is officially released on June 21st and contains an amusing sample of What Is Love, Baby dont hurt me.

Dont hurt me.

No more.

The new Trentemoller album, ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ is as moody and dark as ever. If he wasn’t a musician he would no doubt be a Cumbrian taxi driver. That is one tortured soul right there. Amongst the eeriness are a couple of great tracks most notably the Gui Boratto remix of Sycamore Feeling which i wrote about before. It is not as good as his debut album, but as a last resort, it is worth a listen if you are alone in a dark forest

The last track is clearly the song of the summer. Fuck Diego x

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