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melt your heart

June 7, 2010

Sensual/Lurid/Sultry/Passionate are all words that can be used to describe the first song i have chosen today. Nicole Simone is from L.A and is tipped for big things. If she doesn’t make it in music, i am sure she can turn her hand to cabaret or as a rival to Kirsty Young as the presenter of Desert Island Discs. Sin City 3 soundtrack material? i think so. Check out her EP here.

Track two is a classic from Debbie Harry. Last week i heard a dubstep remix of the song which you can listen to here. I much prefer the original. None of that lawnmower shit. Also, last week my friend Alex moved to london. He said that he was on the tube and some hot girl was eyesing him. He wanted to give her his number. I am guessing he would have mouthed the track title at her whilst passing her a scrumpled piece of paper with his digits on it. what a douche.

I have written about the remixer MMMatthias before when i was talking about this song. This particular remix of the Bloc Party track, ‘Signs’ from their last album is great aswell.

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