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fed up

June 7, 2010

I was supposed to put this up on friday but i didn’t have time. My friend Mia wrote it. You can see her here in all her glory. Oh and here. and here. Hopefully she will do some more posts in the future 🙂

Well hello to you and hello to the weekend!

I have been meaning to join in on this ‘before’..but in order to stay in between the lines and within the essence of this blog, I have arrived ever so fashionably late.

Olive skinned and loved by Olive!… I have a tendancy to not know how to start things. And several weeks have gone by since my first attempted entry for this blog, which have subsequently filled up pages in my little black book, and not made it on to the big screen. (story. of. my. life) Unfinished words, and endless names of songs which are itching to have a few thoughts wasted on them.. Because actually..who is reading this blah anyway?!

My first interuption is a remix by Kissy Sell Out.. Now I’m not sure if im well late on this one (2007 years late), but I’ve just clocked it, and it has made my ATROTIOUSLY “Fed Up” week that little bit more bearable. I think of  ‘Catcher in the Rye’, and how everything in life just seems like a ‘phoney’. And if everything in your imagination is supposed to be real life then, in typical Kissy fashion his interpretation of what’s going on in his own glitchy head has turned in to real life tunage. Listen.


This song is dedicated to Tim Renouf. In no context whatsoever other than I love him. And i’m sorry I did not get the chance to say goodbye. xx x

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