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don’t worry if i write rhymes i write cheques

June 4, 2010

The new Uffie album is ok. Get it here. The best thing about her is she is fit. And that she grew up in Hong Kong. Imagine, i probably played kisschase with her. Or threw sand at her in the sandpit. Stupid french gweilo, go back to Europe.

Like her upbringing, she is a bit hit and miss. This track is a microcosm for her whole catalogue. Cool beat (sounds a bit like that Gucci Lemonade shit) and her saying a few things here and there which dont really fit. Pop the Glock. I doubt she has ever seen one.

Track two is by a man who calls himself ‘ceo’. His real name is Eric Berglund and he used to be in another band which i cant be bothered to research about. If you like Pet Shop Boys/Depeche Mode/nu-grave then this is for you.

#3 is by man of the moment Keiran Hebden. Everything he touches turns to gold. His album is one of my favourites of 2010, a far cry from when i watched him last year in the rain at Field Day and thought to myself, why am i here, this is shit, i want to go home.  If you want more Four Tet check out the searing Caribou remix of Angel Echoes here. Dunno who the Acorn are. They sound nuts.

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