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thank me later

June 3, 2010

All i see is fireworks. That is all Baby is gonna be seeing from now on cos there is gonna be a celebration erry day at Young Money HQ. This album is gonna sell like crazy and for good reason. It is v v good. Props to my man Drake who i have been supporting for a long time now šŸ™‚

Download the album here or buy it on itunes on June 15th. And buy your tickets here for the Independence Day Hyde Park special ft. Jay-Z. There really is no reason not to go. What else are you going to be doing? Reading beforetheblogs? Get a smart phone already.

Track two is the second single by 2010’s other U.S shining light. It samples this Annie Lennox track, No More “I Love You’s”. Doo be doo be doo doo doo, AHHHH. That is some straight 2k3 dipset shit right there.

Free Energy are a new band who are signed to the DFA label. Their debut album, Stuck On Nothing was released last month and is well worth a listen (actually i listened to it again just now and it is not great). Get it here. The song i have chosen is one of their earlier efforts.

Beforetheblogs. The best you ever had.

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