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summer of love

June 2, 2010

Last night i got caught in a torrential rainstorm. It reminded me of when i used to kick a coconut around in Malaysia and i had to shelter under the hut when the monsoon came. Apart from on Oxford Street there was no hut. Just lots of people poking me in the eye with their umbrellas.

Luckily today the sun has come out and hopefully it is here to stay – along with this song, which is bound to get you in the mood to throw away your socks and head down to the beach/thames. Everyone likes the sun sun. Even TV on the Radio.

The second song is the original version of America by Nas on his Nigger/Untitled 2008 album. It is much better than the released version. Compare here. Musically things are going well for Nas which is fortunate considering Kelis is rinsing him for all his milkshake. That is karma for you though. What do you expect if you call yourself God’s Son.

The last track is the latest release from the Gully God. No gyal is rinsing him.

Dancehall takin’ over for the summer Lonyo style.

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  1. Jim Jones permalink
    June 2, 2010 2:42 pm

    Summer With Miami nigga!!!!!!!

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